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Sleepless - A poem


Well-Known Member

Sleep! Oh, Sleep!
You are not my friend!
Never there when I need you,
Late, always late,
When I could have enjoyed you.

I try without you
but that is useless,
foredoomed to failure,
I know in advance.

You've worn out my anticipation.
I've surrendered to your whims.

Sometimes, without hope, I try.
I twist, you turn,
I turn, you twist,
Both of us entangled in the sheets.
But you, outside,
Refuse to join me

So play your games. I'll read instead.
Be invisible. I'll not look up.
Tempt with a yawn. I'll stifle it.
Prance before me. I'll ignore you.

Only my head, nodding, will conquer me
And bring me, early-morning, to bed.

Sleep! Go away!