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Spam Feature Added

Brent W

Active Member
We added a new feature that will help prevent spammers from posting on the forum. If you run into any issues trying to post and get an error message, please let us know.


New Member
My idea is that "Spam Messaging" should be added to the Reportfeature. Right now "Voice" is all that is available, and blocking a spammer is ..


Staff member
Thanks for the feedback! It's almost impossible to completely stop spammers. It's always a cat/mouse game where we try to block spammers but also not block the legitimate members.


Well-Known Member
It's getting a little out of control though. Not a day goes by lately where I don't report at least one spammer...


Staff member
Ya, it seems there's definitely been an uptick! Let me see what we can do / tweak to try and keep them at bay! :)

Book Worm

New Member
I continually receive this error message upon adding a quotation in the signature text box.
This is the quotation I wanted to use.

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”
Charles William Eliot

Could any staff member add this for me? I cannot add it in a personal message either.


Staff member
Nifty, whatever you did, it seems to be working. Fewer and fewer spammers these past weeks :buttrock

Thanks! (and thanks for all your AWESOME spam reporting)!!!

It was pretty tricky, but I was able to put a few things in place to keep a bunch of the worst offenders out. :D
Is there such a thing as Forum spam?
If a forum is to present opinion and promote debate, what exactly is spam?
I find the idiot who constantly fills these pages with pornography and distasteful meanderings under the guise of poetry, offensive in the extreme but it is not actually spam is it?
Or have I missed the point here?

Polly Parrot

Staff member
Advertisements for steroids, viagra, et cetera...we get those too.

Plus the odd poster who finds it necessary to create a new thread in every subforum on how they have just found this new, exciting book that no-one's ever heard of. :)