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The Fallen Angel Hunters - Disgraced cop vs. Fallen angels

Ryker Lange never expect his desire for justice would destroy his career, especially since he was a cop. But when he went after a child molester without sufficient evidence he found himself ruined, since said molester was a mayor's brother. When all seemed lost he came across a crazy man who claimed to be an angel out hunting his fallen brethren, and who knew a stunning amount of information about him, and the man he was hunting. Going along with him against his better judgment, Ryker soon finds that there are evils in this world far worse than anything he'd seen on the force. But he's never been one to run from monsters, and he's not about to start now...

See for yourself in THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS, only $.99 on Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimited.
I'd love to read some reviews of anyone that has read this. I love the beginning but the angel part kind of turned me off. It would be worth a read nonetheless.
Vigdis Ivarsdottir came to America with a dream of being a movie star. She had the looks, youth, and ambitions...and failed miserably like so many others before her. Down on her luck, she relocated to Seattle, taking jobs as a waitress and an exotic dancer. Unbeknownst to her, the boss as the club she danced at was a fallen angel, with a skill for influencing good people into doing depraved things. But Vig is anything but weak-willed, and managed to escape before too much damage was done. She had thought that was the end of it, until two men walked into the diner she worked at, hunting the very same monster who nearly ruined her life. Now Vig faces a hard choice: ignore what's happened and continue living an unimpressive life, or join up with Mick and Ryker to take on some of the worst scum Hell can dish up...

THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS, now available. Only $.99 on Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimited.
The archangel Michael has been around for a while, since the beginning actually. Rising from a lowly angel to the commander of the Heavenly Host, this Fist of God is famous for defeating Satan and winning the War in Heaven. He spends most of his time in Purgatory, helping people to transcend their sins and move on to Heaven. But every few centuries he comes to Earth, when the fallen become too numerous and too aggressive to be contained by his less-sklled brethren. And he's facing just such a situation now. Armed with millions of years of knowledge and impressive fighting skills, he's on a mission, and will see that it gets done.

Of course even an archangel is prone to distraction. And given that his wife lives on Earth, and hasn't seen him in five hundred years, you couldn't blame the guy for wanting a little time to himself...

See for yourself in THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS. Only $.99 on Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimited.
For five thousand years Lilith's name has been a curse, something you use to scare your children into behaving. What few know is that it was she, not Adam, who first stumbled upon the truth of the Almighty. The Adam betrayed her, claimed credit for himself, and married her sister, Ever. But The Big Guy does not forgot his faithful, and due to her discovery Lilith has been alive for five thousand years, seeing the world that has been built as a result of her discovery.

She has also fallen head over heels for Michael, the 'man' who has become her soulmate in a way Adam never could. Only problem, he spends most of his time in the next world, and much of his time on earth he's running around after the fallen. But Lilith is a determined woman, and knows that in in the toughest situations you sometimes have to make time for the important things...

See for yourself in THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS. Only $.99 on Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimited.
To the fallen the War in heaven didn't end. Crushed by the Almighty when the challenged him directly, they have taken a different approach. They're going after mankind, the beings who inadvertently started the war to begin with. Angry that the Almighty gave they a divine spark as a soul, they're determined to crippled, debase, or destroy humanity by any means necessary. They're determined to prove God wrong, to take the things he loves most, and twist them into an evil mockery. And given that they're exile is never ending, they've had plenty of time to figure out the best ways to tear down good people...

See for yourself in THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS. FREE for Kindle Unlimited.
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THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS; thrilling, supernatural action-horror tales
If the fallen weren't bad enough, they're children might just be worse. God forbid physical attachments in Hell, but being evil, they did it anyway. The result were demons, monstrous beast straight out of a horror click. Resembling tortured versions of animals, these soulless creatures are semi-intelligent, but motivated only by death. Instinctively offended by life, when they escape Hell they do little else but kill indiscriminately. And they will continue to do so until somebody takes them down, which is a lot harder than killing a normal animal. Making it worse, there is only one power than can control them: their fallen angel parents. And when the fallen need muscles, the demons are where they turn...

How will mortal men and women deal with these vicious abominations? See for yourself in THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS, available on Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimited!
From a five-star Amazon Review: "The author has created a book that sucks you in. No matter your religious beliefs the concept still engages your thoughts and makes you wonder. A great read."

THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS, available on Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimted.
From a five-star Amazon review: ' From the start it was difficult to put this book down, it was an interesting read that was refreshingly unorthodox and highly imaginative. I look forward to reading more offerings from this talented author. '

THE FALLEN ANGEL HUNTERS, available on Amazon, ebook or paperback, FREE for Kindle Unlimited!