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Kelson Hayes

New Member
Hello everyone;

I'm a new member to this sight and I've just published my first book after spending half my life working on the plot and concept for the series since I started working on it at the age of 10. I'm 21 now, born and raised in England, currently living in the UK. If you like Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction, Harry Potter, Eragon, the Elder Scrolls video games, or anything along those lines, you'll probably love my books. The first book revolves around the Southeast of Aerbon, a continent I created that resembles a parallel to Europe, and the books is based on the Orc Wars between the elves of Gilan, the Orcs of the Gorgon Desolation, and the Men of the Southern Isles. A demonic god enslaved the orcs and controls them with a drug called guaka-guaka. It's amphetaminous in nature so the orcs become blood thirsty and schizophrenic under it's influence. The elves ally themselves with the southern men and together they wage war upon the orcs and seek to exterminate them. Meanwhile in the Gorgon Desolation, an orc who peddles the narcotic sees a lucrative opportunity and seeks to profit on the war. The book rotates between five characters and it is probably the first book of it's kind. There's no good or evil; they're simply the grey in a world we see as black and white, a fact that is emphasised throughout the book. Anyhow, thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoy the book and continue to support my series through it's progression.

You can buy the book in Paperback here:


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The book is also available for sale through Amazon, Kindle, and bulk distributors to sell through bookstores such as Barnes and Noble.