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The Haunting of Hill House- Revisit of a classic


New Member
I decided to revisit Hill House since it seems to be the perfect time of year for a haunting story. I initially read Jackson’s work quite a few years ago and find I’m delighted all over again to enter the prose she so intricately wove. She has succeeded again in leaving my thoughts a bit unsettled.

Can a house harbor a malignancy so devious it can create such despair within its’ inhabitants? The idea of, “whatever walked there, walked alone” gives the impression of a conscious phenomenon. The imagination is given freedom to decide what pray tell the “whatever” may be.

It may indeed walk alone but is not content to remain so. It has the power to ensnare others within its layers of isolation. It would seem to breathe and hunt of its own volition singling out the weakest among the visitors.

This is only a brief analysis as there are layers upon layers of relationships and imagery throughout the book. If you are in the mood for a bit of a fright I would encourage anyone to read this classic.

Happy Haunting!!