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The Ringing Cedars book series


If you never heard about it, let me introduce this story.
There is a book series The Ringing Cedars of Russia written by Vladimir Megre.
These mind-stirring books read like a fascinating novel, have the authenticity of a documentary account and present spiritual insights of incredible depth.
Spanning dozens of subjects from child-rearing to gardening, from adventure to the meaning of human life, from megalithic science to breast-feeding and from sexuality to religion, they present an incredibly beautiful and equally practicable vision of humanity’s spiritual connection to Nature that helps us understand ourselves and heal our Earth.
It cuptured millions of readers all over the world (it's been translated into 20 languages), hundreds of poems and drawings created by inspired people and eco-villages sprouting all over Russia and other countries by people aspiring to create their Space of Love!
Here is an excerpt from book 1 "Anastasia" (Chapter 26):
...At the time I had no idea how everything she said would arouse millions of people, set the minds of scholars astir and, even as mere hypotheses, prove to be without parallel anywhere in the world.
According to Anastasia, the Sun is something like a mirror. It reflects emanations from the Earth which are invisible to the eye. These emanations come from people in a state of love, joy or some other radiant feeling. Reflecting off the Sun, they return to Earth in the form of sunlight and give life to everything on the planet.
She brought up a whole array of supporting arguments which were not that simple to grasp. [164>]
"If the Earth and other planets were simply consumers of the Sun's grace of light," she said, "it would be extinguished, or burn unevenly, and its glow would be off-kilter. In the Universe there is and can be no lopsided process. Everything is interrelated."
She cited, too, the words of the Bible: "And the life was the light of men".
Anastasia also stated that one Man's feelings can be transmitted to another by reflecting off the celestial bodies, and she demonstrated this by the following example:
"Nobody on Earth can deny that you can feel when somebody loves you. This feeling is especially noticeable when you are with a person who loves you. You call it intuition. In fact, invisible light-waves emanate from the one who loves. But the love can be felt, if it is strong enough, even when the individual is absent. By drawing upon this feeling and understanding its nature, one can do wonders. This is what you call miracles, mysticism or incredible abilities. Tell me, Vladimir, do you not feel a bit better with me now? Somehow lighter, warmer, more fulfilled?"
"Yes," I replied. "For some reason I have started to feel warmer."
"Now watch what happens when I concentrate on you even more strongly."
Anastasia lowered her eyelids ever so slightly, slowly stepped back a few paces and stopped. A pleasant feeling of warmth started running through my body. It gradually intensified, but didn't burst into flame, and didn't make me hot. Anastasia turned and began to slowly walk away, hiding behind the thick trunk of a tall tree. The sensation of pleasant warmth did not lessen, and to it was added another — [165>] as though something were helping my heart pump blood through my veins, and with every heartbeat came the impression that the blood-streams were instantly reaching every little vein in my body. The soles of my feet broke out into a heavy sweat and became very moist.
"You see? Now is it all clear to you?" Anastasia said as she triumphantly re-appeared from behind the tree, confident that she had proved something to me. "You see, you felt all that when I went behind the tree-trunk, and your sensations even increased when you could not see me. Tell me about them."
I told her, and then asked in turn:
"What does the tree-trunk show?"
"What do you think? The waves of information and light went directly from me to you. When I hid myself, the tree-trunk was supposed to significantly distort them, since it has its own information and its own glow, but this did not happen. The waves of feelings began falling directly upon you, reflecting off the celestial bodies, and even intensified. Then I caused what you call a 'miracle' — your feet began to perspire. You failed to mention that fact."
"I didn't think it was important. How do my feet perspiring constitute a miracle?"
"I chased all sorts of diseases out your body through your feet. You should feel a lot better now. It is even noticeable on the outside — you are not slouching as much."
Indeed, I was feeling better physically.
"So, when you concentrate like that, you dream up something and whatever you want comes to pass?"
"That describes it, more or less."
"And does what you dream about always come to pass — even when you're asking for something besides bodily healing?"
"Always. As long as it is not an abstract dream. As long as it is detailed down to the minutest aspects and does not contradict [166>] the laws of spiritual being. I do not always manage, however, to come up with a dream like that. Thought has to proceed extremely quickly and there must be a corresponding vibration of feelings, and then it will definitely come true. It is a very natural process. It happens in the lives of many people. Ask around among your acquaintances. Perhaps you will find some among them who have dreamt this way, and their dream has come true either fully or partially."
"Detailed… thinking… proceeding extremely quickly… Tell me, when you were dreaming about the poets and artists and the book, was that all in detail too? Did your thought proceed quickly then?"
"Extraordinarily quickly. And everything was so specific, down to the finest detail."
"So now, you think, it's going to come true?"
"Yes, it will."
"There wasn't anything else you dreamt about at the time? You've told me everything about your dreams?"
"Not everything."
"Then tell me everything."
"Do you… do you really want to hear it, Vladimir? Really?"
Anastasia's face brightened, as though illuminated by a flash of light.
It was with inspiration and excitement that she continued her incredible monologue....
Moscow International Ringing Cedars Festival

The Anastasia Foundation is announcing the first International Ringing Cedars Festival, which will take place in Moscow on March 27, 2010 from 10am to 9pm at the CSRA Football Hall which can hold 6000 people.
The Festival program includes:
• Readers conference - meeting with V. N. Megre
• Presentation of the new book (Russian) from the series by V. N. Megre
• Discussions and Round Table Meetings
• Consultations on Kin's Domain questions
• Trade fair
• Folk Art Exhibits
• Music Art Performances/Contests
• Performance Art Contests
The winners of the music and performance competitions will receive a small statue ("Ringing Cedars") and other types of awards
For tickets and other details contact Yuri Smirnov at radaryu@gmail.com

Moscow International Ringing Cedars Festival
Now you can have a peak at the cover of the new Russian language Ringing Cedar of Russia volume # 10 (book 9) by Vladimir Megre. Sorry, no English or other language versions yet!!
The title: Anasta
Some of the topics discussed in the new book:
* How did a little girl manage to stop a glacier?
* What is the monstrous octopus devouring earth's people?
* Who are those creatures in space suits on artworks found by archaeologists?
* Where will life on distant stars come from?
* How does one prevent a global disaster?
* An earthly man who turns dead lands into blossoming gardens?
We hope it will be translated into English soon. In the meantime, Regina and I, your SOL editor and publisher, are going to Ringing Cedars Festival in Moscow where the new book will be presented and we will be happy to share our impressions and news (including interview with V.Megre) in SOL issue #7 (upcoming in April) with all our readers.
With Love and Light!
Regina and Yuri
Space of Love Magazine,
Space of Love Magazine: Tending Your Space of Love on Earth!
Moscow International Ringing Cedars Festival successfully took place on March 27th.
That was probably the greatest event in the history of Ringing Cedars movement! :)
More than 3500 people attended. Love, Joy and Inspiration prevailed! Anastasia was there in spirit.
Please check Festival Photo Report below.
Also read more about the Festival outcomes in upcoming issues of Space of Love Magazine.
Moscow International Ringing Cedars Festival