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Trying to find a fantastic fantasy book that isn't part of a series

"Elantris" by Brandon Sanderson.

Scooter has given a good recommendation here. Brandon Sanderson is the author who was picked to finish the Wheel of Time after Robert Jordan died. He has a goal to write one stand alone book each year as well as one book as a part of a series each year. So if you like his work you'll at least get one book a year that isn't part of a series.
I recently discovered that the first three books in Asimov's Foundation series are available as a free download from scribd. There are a few other Asimov books available. Also, Charlie Huston has made the first Joe Pitt available as a free e-book plus three other books.

I don't have direct links (sorry) but if you go to Scribd you can do a search.