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Variety of ways to write english sentences in different styles


New Member
Can someone please let me know a free website source where it informs us different ways to write sentences, paragraphs in different english styles. For example, like you can see in the book, Exercises in Style, here (just click "view inside" and you will see what I am talking about):


Some excerpt from the book to give you an idea on what we are looking for:


In the S bus, in the rush hour. A chap of about 26, felt hat with a cord instead of a
ribbon, neck too long, as if someone's been having a tug-of-war with it. People gettingoff. The chap in question gets annoyed with one of the men standing next to him. Heaccuses him of jostling him every time anyone goes past. A snivelling tone which ismeant to be aggressive. When he sees a vacant seat he throws himself on to it. Two hours later, I meet him in the Cour de Rome, in front of the gare Saint-Lazare. He's with a friend who's saying: "You ought to get an extra button put on your overcoat."
He shows him where (at the lapels) and why.


Some of us were travelling together. A young man, who didn't look very intelligent, spoke to the man next to him for a few moments, then he went and sat down. Two hours later I met him again; he was with a friend and was talking about clothes.

If anyone understands what I mean, please let me know!
iv read once one book that told the same one page story about 40 times, in different styles; but don't remember the name...

it's an interesting idea because it makes us think about our own style of writing and gives ideas about how to improve it (or change it at least)...
well if someone knows and remembers anything similar to what is being asked here, please post it (even if this post it months old!)
I'm not sure if I understand you, but as I understand I'll ask my friends or English teachers and send it for you-if I found.
I had never heard of that book, but now I'm intrigued. And might have to buy me a copy.

I doubt you'll find a convenient set of exercises for writing in a variety of styles. I recommend taking the Nike approach: Just do it. Write something short that contains at least the bare minimum for an anecdote. Then write it again and again, trying to vary how you *tell* the tale without changing the tale itself. You can even use that book as a template to follow.

Hmm, that almost sounds like a fun blog project. As in, creating a dedicated blog where you do nothing but retale the same tale day after day.