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What are you reading mid-July/02?



The Ender's Series is wonderful! If you haven't read them, and are interested in Card, you must!

Read them in this order:

Ender's Game
Speaker for the Dead
Children of the Mind


New Member
Thanks! This makes life so much easier. Now I don't have to spend hours and hours in the library next time I go looking for something ;)


New Member
Originally posted by lies

More on-topic: I've been reading Harry Potter recently. I read the lot of it in only three days. (Knowing I had more important things to do :rolleyes: ) Does that make me a Potteroholic? :eek:
Those HP books are so easy to get addicted to! At first I was a bit skeptical about them, but now I've become quite the fan myself, and look forward to the fifth book's release. :)

As for me, I'm currently finishing up on Dickens' Our Mutual Friend.


Active Member
I agree that the Potter books are addictive. I've read the first one, and I've got the others on the shelf waiting to be read.

I'm going to start our new book of the month "Coma" tomorrow :)