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What type of fantasy do you read?


New Member
I love the wheel of time series.
I used to like sword of truth series as well, but not anymore.
I find myself unable to re-read the sword of truth series,
I can however re-read the wheel of time series countless time.


New Member
Robert E. Howard- and he wrote a lot of other stuff besides fantasy.
Tolkien of course
anything in the old Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, some great classics from William Morris, Lord Dunsany, E.R. Eddison, James Branch Cabell,etc
as you see, I favor older authors.
Still, there is some more recent good material too- have been reading some Anne Bishop.
Depends on how narrowly you define fantasy- is Edgar Rice Burroughs fantasy or adventure? Or H. Rider Haggard? Two of my favorites. If the "lost race" subgenre is considered fantasy, certainly yes, and of course A. Merritt.
Find the YA Section of libraries and bookstores worth checking out. Finally got around to the Narnia Chronicles and glad I did. And John Flanagan.
Seems that so many more modern favorites are mine are women writers. Besides Bishop, really like Mercedes Lackey and Sara Douglass.
And of course Marion Zimmer Bradley. Darkover is as much fantasy as sf, and of course her wonderful Sword and Sorceress anthologies.
Like the Celtic/ Arthurian genre whether or not it has a fantasy element like Bradley or Evangeline Walton, or more strictly historical fiction like Rosemary Sutcliff or Jack Whyte.

Richard Crofton

New Member
I grew up on Tolkein. Read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings three times before the movies even came out. I also enjoy fantasy that is dark with a bit of modernism in it, like The Dark Tower series. Not so much wizards and dragons. A strong, central character who has a good heart but faces much internal conflict, is a badass when needs be, but also a little bit of unexplained magic within the story or character.

Najib Arman

New Member
I like books in any genre as long as they are well written. Recently, I have started reading Trudi Canavan's 'The Magician's Guild' and I'm enjoying reading the book.

I have started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for my first fantasy book 'Son of The Prisonland', which is the first book of 'The Myth Shadow Trilogy'. Please support the campaign to make my dream come true.

And ask me any question regarding the book or the campaign. Thanks.

Alberto Pupo

New Member
As far as fantasy my absolute favorites in the genre are The Wheel of Time Series and The Song of Fire and Ice. These two series are the measuring stick for the genre in my opinion.


New Member
My favorite fantasy books:

-Dragonlance Legends & Chronicles Trilogies

-Lord of the Rings