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Where Do You Buy Books?

Where Do You Buy Your Books

  • Online Shop

    Votes: 5 22.7%
  • "Real World" Bookshop

    Votes: 14 63.6%
  • Second Hand Shops

    Votes: 3 13.6%

  • Total voters


Active Member
Where do you buy most of your books from?

I tend to use a mixture of highstreet shops and online shops. If I know what I want, then online is often much cheaper.


A mix, really... Usually from local bookshops, but sometimes from online ones. Depends, really. :) I like hanging at the local bookshop so I'm usually always there.


I'm with Reya on this one. Nothing better than a bookstore--especially now that the larger ones have coffee shops. But, if the selection is limited or the price is too high you can't beat a free shipping sale on a book selling web site.

Dave B

For fiction & general browsing ..... bookstore every time. Once you've paid shipping there's not much difference in price anyway.

However, for non fiction, especially technical (computing, photography etc), you do get the full choice + the less popular with on line sources.

Dave B


New Member
I buy 75% of my books in local used bookstores and from the ongoing used book sale at the public library. Most of the rest are bought online at places like Alibris, Amazon, LabyrinthBooks, etc. I would say I only buy about 1% of my purchases at new real world stores, i.e., Barnes & Noble and such. Since books are my passion...it is heartbreaking money has to be an issue! Here is a tip...try www.addall.com It is a helpful site that compares prices and helps you find a price that is not too painful.


New Member
I buy a lot of paperbacks from the local bookstore. usually. I also have a membership in Doubleday book club, whose initial book offer allows me to puchase many more hardcover books than I would normally be able to afford. I also find their prices to be very reasonable.


I'm the ultimate tightwad. I buy my books from a 24-hour book sale. For $20 I can get a years supply. I hardly ever buy books new, even the ones I really want.


I buy most of my books from half.com or from a used book store here in Austin. If I have a gift card then I'll go to B&N or Borders but only if I have a giftcard.


New Member
Here's my method(and id recommend it to anyone who doesnt mind slighlty used books): browse at b&n or whatever your major bookstore is...write down what you want....then go to www.half.com and buy them for anywhere between $1.75 and $10.00 depending. It's amazing, I tell you, and worth a try.


New Member
I buy most of my books used. Every now and then, though, I run down to the local Borders or B&N and treat myself to something new and crisp.


New Member
I buy books anywhere and everywhere. I buy most of them secondhand to conserve funds and have many more to read. If I can't find what I want secondhand I will buy it from Barnes and Noble or Waldenbooks, I try to at least wait till they come out in paperback. My favorite bookstore is this lovely little store in Greenfield Massachusetts called "Federal Street Books." The guy who runs it is great and his prices are very reasonable. Unfortunately I am nowhere near there right now... I used to go there weekly when I lived closer.