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William Golding: Lord Of The Flies

The Lord of the Flies is a great book I read a few years ago. It made me realize a side of the humans I didn't really wanted to see.. As they call it in french philosophy " l'Etat de nature", that turns us into pittyless creatures, fighting for survival and power. This "primary state " is paradoxically reprensenting society : Indeed, being in a society keeps us safer in a certain way ( from physically power abuses) but is actually turning us into vulnérable creatures.
Do you have any other suggestions?

Golding I think was stripping away society from the boys to let us see what they/we actually are.

It's also a comment on our civilisation as society is all about survival and power.
I had to read it in school as well. But man oh man was that a great book! It was one of the first books that really had me feel strong emotions in my early youth. It may take a little while to get to the meat of the book but give it a fair chance and you will see what I mean
I remember reading this book in high school. Back when reading was the least of my priorities.

I don't remember taking much away from the book. I'm thinking maybe I should give it another read now that I want to instead of have to.