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You favorite place to read?


New Member
Where do you read your favorite book?

I usually sit over the roof outside the window of my bedroom when it is a good book.

Share your spots. . .


New Member

G. Anderson

New Member
Anywhere outside until it gets frost degrees. Preferably near a lake or forest.

Late evenings in the sofa or in bed.

And on public transport, too!


My absolute favourite place to read is my cottage, its so peaceful and quiet there (not even road access). But at home it is pretty much wherever is comfortable at the time :)


New Member
I have a large fireplace in the great room. Beside this fireplace, there is an easy chair. This is my favourite reading spot.


Active Member
I'll read anywhere, but my favorite place is on my front porch. I'm thinking about turning one corner of my bedroom into a reading nook, though.


I have a library in my home ... that is the place where you will usually find me with a :
One of my cats
And a hot cup of Joe or a cold beer...
In my room,away from everything and have my space and read something interesting .
a) Bed. Sometimes I fall asleep, more often I check the time and realize it's time to get up.
Result, I'm O.K. until lunchtime, then I turn into a sleep-deprived zombie for the rest of
the day.
b) The bathroom. Nobody else has admitted to this. Come on, own up. Almost everybody
does it.
c) Train or bus, certainly, but since my commuter rides are fairly short, if the book is good
I run the risk of overshooting my bus stop/train station. It's happened quite a few times.
d) For some reason I can't read in the open air. In a park or garden, on a beach, I can find
myself surrounded by readers oblivious of their surroundings, but just can't get into a book,
however good.
e) In my room, like cookieprincess. Every night I'm faced with a choice...do I read or listen
to music. Unlike many people, I know, I can't, CAN'T do both at the same time. My
rationale for this...If the book is any good, the music is a distraction. If the music is good,
then I will listen to it, and lose track of the book. If the music is nothing special, why bother?
Any other places, anybody?