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Justine Sparks

New Member
Hey all!
If you're interested in young adult dystopian novels (and enjoyed books such as the Hunger Games or Divergent), check out the first book in my new series, Obarion:

As the son of the Obarion clan’s infamous General, seventeen-year-old Atlas is well-acquainted with carrying the burden of high expectations. The tribes of the Westland have been at war for over a decade, and when Atlas is captured by his enemy clan, the Vedas, he discovers that he is more deeply tied to them than he could have ever known. He strikes up an unlikely alliance with a pair of Renegades taking refuge at the Vedas base. The Renegades—neither Obarion nor Vedas—refuse to take part in the conflict on either side of the war, and Atlas quickly learns that his prejudice is not nearly so founded as he might have thought. Atlas’ adventures put him in the path of gangs, cannibals, and margins of the Westland he hadn’t known had existed—or perhaps, had been hidden from him. His determination to acquire information that might give the Obarion an advantage in the war quickly evolves into a quest for truth, and Atlas soon must decide just how much he is willing to sacrifice for the sake of getting it.

You can check out Obarion here, and if you enjoy it, please let me know, and perhaps consider leaving a review on Amazon. Thank you for your support!


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