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I am an Ethiopian writer living in Addis Ababa I am a retired Ethiopian Air Force and high school physics teacher with a B.Sc.in physics and mathematics.I have written an apocalyptic science fiction novel and a romance novel.
Solomon Merid
I greet all readers here.Hello how are you all?Thank you for accepting me into your circle.I appreciate it greatly and I am grateful.I will inform you when I self publish my apocalyptic science fiction novel within a months tme
BCAuthor is an erotica author, fiction writer, entrepreneur, father, pilot, and business consultant. They've written a number of short erotic stories, including Stranger in a Hangar and Good Chicago.
for details:
"Moonlighting to Spirituality" is the best #SelfHelpBooks that examines the value of optimism and environmental balance, also the harm that people have caused, and a few spiritualists. It also examines the 1990s' political, military, and economic history, including the USA's selfish desires.​

Love 1776 -Sheiam Akanda EBOOK
ZhanXG (born: May 6, 2007) is a Malaysian Fortnite: Battle Royale, VALORANT & Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Gamer, Fortnite Creative Map Creator and Content Creator. ZhanXG is a Musician, Poet and Author. In 2021, ZhanXG is a Windows 11, Discord & Google Developer and Microsoft Partner.
I think Persian literature is amazing. one of my favorite books is the divan of Hafez. it is a poetry book and it has amazing romantic poems,
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Pooya Khodadadi
Indeed it is. Being such a historic land and having a high number of scholars, poets, philosophers, and scientist's, along side all the various cultures and people that have resided there have contributed immensely to this.
Hi, there!

I am an aspiring author and blogger so I am eager about everything connected to books, literature and writing. I have recently started a blog of my own where I discuss different ideas about writing and books. :welcome

If you are interested in what I write, feel free to check it out on link below.
Hello friends, I am a new here. Basically I am writer and I love reading books as well.
“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.” - Samuel Johnson