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Recent content by IlUvSiRiUsBlAcK

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    Harry Potter: book & film comparison

    I didn't mean that the Movies weren't great because they left out details, i was only explaining the differences between the books and the movies. I didn't enjoy the movies because the acting was bad for the most part (with the exception of the few i named before), and because of the character...
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    Harry Potter: book & film comparison

    yes, i would have to aggree with FUNES, the movies were dreadful. I would have rather not have watched either. I'll go into detail about the Sorceror's Stone first. First off, there are many details missing all together in the 1st movie. The opening discussion between Dumbledore and McGonagall...
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    Harry Potter Book V

    well, if you can't wait to see it, go here, picture of Sirius Black. www.geocities.com/dobby_socky/images/film/003.jpg anyways, i'm out. Some post something about my other post! bye ~Crystal LOBO7007@aol.com
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    Harry Potter Book V

    Hey guys, sorry i haven't gotten back to ya'll in forever. But i'm thinking that Harry got back the things that were taken away from him (from the spoiler) because Umbridge isn't going to be at Hogwarts to inforce the rule. No one else thought that was fair so it wouldn't make sense not to let...
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    Discussion: Rowling, J.K.: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    I loved the 5th book! i read it in one day, i got it at 12 that night and didn't finish it until 8:30 on the 21st. It was great, i wish we saw a little more Dumbledore in it but it was still good! i was DEVASTED when my favorite character died, i cried so much! and with the mirror! that was so...
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    Harry Potter Book V

    Has anyone in here read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? I would really want to discuss the book so if you want to, post here and i will get back to ya'll! thank! bye Sincerly, Crystal lobo7007@aol.com