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Recent content by iSergioC

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    John Green: The Faults In Our Stars

    I am buying this book next. I feel I should have read it long ago, but where I live it's hard to get books in English and I refuse to read it in Spanish. Looking forward to it.
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    "Dumbledore Is Gay" says Rowling

    I also find it a bit unnecessary, but I sort of think she did it because some questions regarding Dumbledore's sexual orientation had came up after people who had watched the films noticed nothing about his private life was never mentioned, particularly after that film scene when he said he...
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    Hello, everyone

    Hello! My name is Sergio and I am from Chile. I am 22 years old. I love English literature and I have a passion for young-adult literature. I also like writing and meeting people — otherwise I wouldn't have anything to write about. I speak Spanish and English and I'm currently a German learner —...