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Recent content by kdbooklover16

  1. kdbooklover16

    Hello Everyone!

    A bit late, but welcome!
  2. kdbooklover16

    I'm back!

    I'm back!
  3. kdbooklover16

    HI! :)

    Hi, Soph, nice to meet you! Looking forward to discussing books with you! Message me anytime!
  4. kdbooklover16

    Percy Jackson Discussion Thread

    I haven't read it at all yet!! Is it good so far? Yeah, it's not surprising that Percy would appear in it...
  5. kdbooklover16

    Request to move threads

    Thanks a bunch (whoever did it, at least)!!!
  6. kdbooklover16

    Request to move threads

    I would like to request that all three of my threads currently in the Fiction Book subforum be moved to the, "Children and Young Adult," subforum please. Let me know when this is done.
  7. kdbooklover16

    Hey, what's up?

    Hey, what's up?
  8. kdbooklover16

    How do you delete our account?

    I don't actually want to leave this forum, but I was wondering is there any way to delete the account?
  9. kdbooklover16

    John Green: The Fault in Our Stars

    I have also read it, and too some degree I agree with the original post. But I also don't like John Green as a person, so that could cloud my judgement...
  10. kdbooklover16

    Loving these multi-POV murder thrillers

    I'll be sure to check them out!!
  11. kdbooklover16

    Percy Jackson Discussion Thread

    I am starting this thread for a Discussion about all things Percy Jackson. Let's begin!!
  12. kdbooklover16

    Visit my blog at http://kirstenthebooknerd.blogspot.com!!

    Visit my blog at http://kirstenthebooknerd.blogspot.com!!
  13. kdbooklover16

    Philippa Gregory

    My feelings on her are mixed, but I've only read her Cousin's War series. I haven't read any of her Tudor series.
  14. kdbooklover16

    Looking for Spy novel recommendations

    James Bond or Alex Rider, maybe even Gallagher Girls if you don't mind girly books... Also The Imitation Game
  15. kdbooklover16

    Book Recommendations?

    Have you read Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz? It's really good!!