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Recent content by Keira

  1. Keira

    JK Rowling being sued for plagiarism

    The thing is that when you become famous and having a huge pay check a month, everybody would want to sue you out of nothing.
  2. Keira

    What do you think of the prices of new books?

    I consider that a lot especially for people like myself who are still studying and haven't found a job just yet. Imagine how much you would have spent in a month if let's say I'm into full reading gear finishing 4 books in total. That would easily amount to $100.
  3. Keira

    Anyone Else Practice "Random Reading"?

    Some reviews can be very unreliable especially those which I can find online but at least having an active discussion with few of my friends who are also into the same hobby, will help.
  4. Keira

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kyosaki) book review.

    Hmm. David, thanks for the lengthy explanation. I think roughly I get what the book is all about. In fact I did some google search as well and found some excepts of the book content that touches on his way of thinking and advice given. Quite thoughtful but it looks to me more like self...
  5. Keira

    How many of you guys use google books?

    Before that, I never realize how important it was to get a glimpse of what you would expect from a book before you actually buy it. Well, with the google book preview around, you can actually get to read a few lines from the book and then judge for yourself whether it might be worth to purchase...
  6. Keira

    Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kyosaki) book review.

    Well, I never thought of reading the book until you've mentioned it here. Anyway, on the point raised by DavidRM, that is also valid. Will the book actually taught you where, which and how to invest?
  7. Keira

    Can kids read too much?

    While I'm still too young to have any kids of my own, what I observe is that young children like my cousin can be very focused on what they read and their IQ seems to be much higher. Maybe it is a coincidence but definitely there is no harm in reading too much or being a bookworm. Unlike movies...
  8. Keira

    My First Tattoo!

    That's sweet :) But I will never go along with the idea of getting a tattoo. Nowadays I can see a lot of young ladies wouldn't mind some wordings appearing on their skin but definitely not me...
  9. Keira

    E-book reader,your budget?

    If I were you, I would go for Sony because of the brand recognition. I actually managed to get a first hand feel with the Sony reader but not the other one you have mentioned.
  10. Keira

    Finally made up my mind

    Lol....Thanks guys. That is really cool.
  11. Keira

    How do you decide your next book?

    I usually don't make any future plan. Sometimes it depends on the mood and if somebody happens to recommend me a good book, then I'll consider it. But I rarely go the extent of writing down what I'm going to do next.
  12. Keira

    Confessions of a Used-Book Salesman

    It's amazing how certain people can use the knowledge and skills to their advantage.
  13. Keira

    Anyone Else Practice "Random Reading"?

    For me, it doesn't really work because I always get swayed by the book cover. The best would be to rely on actual book reviews.
  14. Keira

    BOTM:Suggestions, ideas and opinions

    Not sure how to come up with a long list but I'm reading The Valcourt Heiress by Catherine Coulter. It can be a little bit boring if you are not into romance :)
  15. Keira

    Finally made up my mind

    I used to be a patron of this forum but never got thought of joining the community. Not sure what made me register today but I'm glad I did anyway. So any welcoming ceremony? Or maybe a band? :whistling: