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Recent content by N. Gosney

  1. N. Gosney

    What scares you the most...

    Yeah I'm afraid of that too. My worst nightmare is losing my children though. As afraid as I am of my own death, it would be more than I could bear if one of my children died before me. Parents should never outlive their children. A friend of mine lost her 6 year old little girl last year to a...
  2. N. Gosney

    No Damage by Kathryn Hodgson

    I've just finished reading this book (I was given a review copy by the author), so I thought I'd share the review I left on Amazon for it, as it's a really great book. I just finished reading this book, and wow my goodness what a book it is! At first I wasn't sure if it was autobiographical or...
  3. N. Gosney

    Hello, another new face here.

    Hello I'm Nat, a 31 year old mother/wife/writer from Yorkshire, UK. I devour other peoples books for breakfast, and I write my own for lunch! Then for dinner I review all the books I devoured for breakfast, and for supper I plug the stuff I wrote for lunch ;) It's an endless cycle, and I love...
  4. N. Gosney

    What scares you the most...

    Death. I have thanatophobia so I'm really scared to death of...death (if you'll pardon the pun).
  5. N. Gosney

    The Wolf Born Saga

    Hello all, I'm Natalie Gosney, the author of Wolf Born, a supernatural / horror werewolf novel. This is the first of what will become a four book series (I'm currently working on the second in the saga, Wolf Witch. This is due out in paperback in a few months. Following this I shall release...