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Recent content by scullyx101

  1. scullyx101

    NOBODY will know about this book on Atlantis...

    This book sounds wonderful! It's availible on Amazon, but is kinda expensive, so let us know if it becomes availible as an e-book or something!
  2. scullyx101

    I need to find something for my grandma

    She likes Mary Higgins Clark and Danielle Steele. Does anyone have a recommendation for a simialr book or author that she might like? The problem is she has a huge book collection and I don't want to get anything she already has, so I'd like to find something less well known. Keep in mind she's...
  3. scullyx101


    i use bookmooch all the time and really enjoy it. i pretty much always get the books i want whenever they become available, i've no complaints.
  4. scullyx101

    the shack

    i've heard so much about this book and i'm kind-of curious about it. however, i have heard that it's a christian book and i'm not christian at all, and not interested in reading one of those corny inspirational novels. is the shack really super christian, or can it be enjoyed by someone who is...
  5. scullyx101

    Exquisite Corpse - Let's play!

    there was no one, so she leaned forward to get a closer look and even ventured so far as to poke him with her toe.
  6. scullyx101

    Exquisite Corpse - Let's play!

    it really is weird... i checked the book out on amazon, it def. looks interesting. and now, shall anyone continue the story??
  7. scullyx101

    Exquisite Corpse - Let's play!

    i had no idea that poppy z bright had a novel called exquisite corpse, i'm not familiar with any of her stuff, and i didn't come with the name for the game, that's what it's called, it's been around forever and is played not only with with story telling, but with art as well, feel free to look...
  8. scullyx101

    Exquisite Corpse - Let's play!

    no, it's a collaborative story about another girl named poppy (because that's what i decided to name her) that others are supposed to continue in the comments.... did you not read the first paragraph?
  9. scullyx101

    Exquisite Corpse - Let's play!

    hello my fellow book lovers!! i'm sure you've all played it before, but maybe you just didn't know what it was called! i start a story, you leave comments, continuing the story, you can leave a sentence, a paragraph, etc, just make sure it's interesting and fun and magical! oh and feel free to...
  10. scullyx101

    Chuck Palahniuk

    the only one i've read is Lullabye, and i loved it, read it in one day.
  11. scullyx101

    What did you read in September?

    unfortunately because of school I only got to read one book last month. the God of Impertinence by Sten Nadolny
  12. scullyx101

    Where are you? (in the book you are reading) - please read 1st post

    i'm in 1993, Atlanta GA with Hermes, looking for Zeus... he's quite the elusive one nowadays.
  13. scullyx101

    Harry Potter: British vs. American

    I haven't read both versions yet, so i don't even know if this is the case, i'm going by what my friend said. "american translation" were his words.
  14. scullyx101

    Harry Potter: British vs. American

    I was talking with one of my friends recently who told me that he had started reading the Harry Potter series before it even came out in the states because a friend of his took frequent trips to London. he then went on to describe how much different they were. it's nothing about the plot (don't...