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  • wow our school is really loose,except when it comes to dress code(which includes hair)
    i like school, but it can get annoying. Cause at my school we learn in both spanish and english, and we get in trouble for speaking english in class. our teacher also has great ears, and hears any conversation that we have. she is soooo strict!!!
    Hey when school is out though you will be wishing it wasn't if you have nothing to do like me.but then again I am one of the wierd people who likes school.
    wow you have one more week of school that has to stink.but hey school keeps you occupied and right now i wish it was time for school.
    I feel sorry for my stepsister,she is in schooll until thursday and i got out last week.
    That is okay,I don't remember much of Princess academy only little fragments.The only reason I remember The Goose Girl is cause I read it a lot and constantally checked it out from the library.
    YAY!!!!What was your fav part of The Goose Girl.I LOVE the part where Geric jumps out and saves Ani.:D
    I have to leave to go to my dad's for about two months,but I will be coming back.Unfortunatally during that time I won't be on as much or mabye even not at all.:(Oh and I don't have and MSN but I have a yahoo.
    princess academy and The Goose Girl are the only two that I have read but I loved them.Have you read any Gail Carson Levine?:)
    Yay!!! some one else knows and likes Shannon Hale's books.what is you favorite book of hers I've only read two
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