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Recent content by west

  1. west

    which poem/poems left a permanent impression on you?

    Edger Allan Poe has always been my favorite. I have always loved his writing and short stories. my favorite poem is Alone
  2. west

    favorite bookmark

    I almost always use a feather. I find blue jay feathers some times or a crow feather that seems to work for bigger books.
  3. west


    Welcome. I am new too. Great to meet you.
  4. west

    New To this Forum

    Well today and yesterday my patience where tested. I could cut off heads if I wouldn't get in trouble for it. Anyway thank you all for the welcome. I am happy for all the responses.
  5. west

    New To this Forum

    Thanks for the welcome. I hope to have time to share some of my books with everyone.
  6. west

    New To this Forum

    Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am a hair stylist have been for 20 years. I also design jewelry and love to read. I am a self taught metal artist I learned most all of it by reading. I enjoy historic romance novels, and mystery type books. I hope to connect with you and make...
  7. west

    one or more books at a time

    I am always reading more than one book. Sometimes I get up to 4 books going. I usually have at least one self help book or how to book. I am always carring around a book I re read. My animal bible is with me at all times and I read that almost every day.