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  • Rain and wind here. Lot's of both. I'm already tired of Winter and it hasn't even begun yet...
    Hey Will, sorry, didn't see your post before tonight. Hmmm, comparison of The Passage and The Stand. With Stand, it was the individual's journeys I enjoyed the most, the analysis of who, why, personal progress of the characters. For my money, Stand was better put together, and had fewer "oh, come on, let's get with it" stretches. In fact, I can't really think of any in it. I can't say the same for Passage, although I certainly enjoyed it, and look forward eagerly to it's sequel. I read somewhere, maybe on BAR, that Passage could have done with about 100 pages cut. That sounds about right, although.....darned if I know which 100 pages. :D I'd hate to have to choose. And that cliff hanger..... :eek:
    WOOT! Glad you're enjoying it. Are we going to be chatting about the similarities/differences between print and film do you suppose? I've not seen the Hound.
    Fianlly, I quite enjoyed it. The prose reminded me of True Grit. I read True Grit right after seeing the new film, and really, it followed it very well. The Sisters Brothers is the sort of book that grows on you, and in retrospect, was quite good. A story of redemption and brotherly love and affection. I'd borrowed it from the library as the cover put me off, but I'll purchase it later.
    re Aberystwyth, lol, I don't need another series!! Too many already. But it does look neat.
    When I bought it, I didn't realize it was part of a series. /groan/ Another series...! Egads. :)
    LOL I actually have The Case of the Missing Books somewhere on a shelf. I'll have to find it. We've recently re-shelved with new and expanded bookcases, so I'm not sure where everything is. A bit of a mess at present. heh
    Yeah, that's more or less his MO, so I wouldn't read a couple of his in a row, need something to lighten up inbetween.
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