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  1. D

    The Men of the Breach- Book 2 in series, scifi action-adventure

    Now available for PRE-ORDER. Multiverse military scifi adventures! Book two in the series, THE MEN OF THE BREACH. Former soldiers Easton Keller and Breck Everett didn’t know what to expect when they first signed up for jobs exploring the multiverse, but after a year they’ve become old hands at...
  2. D

    The Day of the Deputy- Western, coming-of-age action-adventure

    New release! THE DAY OF THE DEPUTY, now available on Amazon: Stanton Brunner has always lived in the shadow of famous lawmen. His father is a respected town sheriff, his grandfather a legendary, retired U.S. Marshal. But Stan never wanted to have it out with the bandits of the world, and was...
  3. D

    The Boys of the Breach - Multiverse military scifi adventures!

    New release! THE BOYS OF THE BREACH, now available for sale: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08783F4CK Easton Keller and Breck Everett wanted nothing more than to serve their country. But when budget cuts cause them to be 'prematurely retired' from the Special Forces, these two warriors find...
  4. D

    Tales of the Far Wanderers- Pulp adventures in a medival, dystopian future!

    Now available for pre-order: To Gunnar of the Tarn life is wandering. A half-breed with no home to return to, he has escaped the endless wars of his father’s people to drift through the vastness of a land once known as North America. Slow to trust and swift with a sword, he had resigned himself...
  5. Leigh

    Beyond a Large Steep Hill by Leigh Belrose - New Children's book

    Hello Everyone! My name is Leigh Belrose the author of a new children's novel 'Beyond a Large Steep Hill'. Here's a brief summary: A ten year old, boy’s accidental tumble down a large steep hill steers him into an unusual adventure far beyond his wildest dreams. If you want to read a sample or...
  6. Author - Brad Jensen

    THE REZ's EDGE - Destruction & Redemption

    It's late at night and Dakota's father, Gordon, is driving them home down a lonesome highway. It's 1975, two years after the takeover and occupation of the village of Wounded Knee by the American Indian Movement (AIM) and a militant population of 300 Indians. Headlights pop over a hill...
  7. Howard L. Braden

    Introducing AMMARA – an inspirational adventure novel from Hungary

    Please, feel free (with my permission) to read the first 9 chapters (so the half) of my novel: http://bit.ly/ammara-eng-9db Have a great reading experience! :) Please write here if you have any questions or you would share your opinion with me. And I am searching for contacts who could help me...
  8. Howard L. Braden

    Author of Ammara, an inspirational adventure novel

    Hi! I am a foreign author with this pen name and with a professionally translated inspirational novel published in e-book. For the promotion from this far country, Hungary, is proved to be too hard, I am here to publicize my book and to search for contacts. Feel free (with my permission) to...