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The Boys of the Breach - Multiverse military scifi adventures!

Discussion in 'Member Publications | Shameless Self-Promotion' started by David Welch, May 14, 2020.

  1. David Welch

    David Welch Member

    Aug 13, 2015
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    New release! THE BOYS OF THE BREACH, now available for sale:


    Easton Keller and Breck Everett wanted nothing more than to serve their country. But when budget cuts cause them to be 'prematurely retired' from the Special Forces, these two warriors find themselves embarking on a new adventure. They've been hired to provide security for scientists working at a facility that explores the multiverse, opening breaches into other universes to see what's out there and what they can learn. Given the infinite span of the multiverse, there are endless discoveries out their waiting for mankind to come and find them. But with every possible eventuality existing in one parallel universe or another, they're bound to run into danger...lots of danger. That's where the Easton and Breck come in. Leading a guard company of other former military and police veterans, they take on everything the multiverse can throw at them: p*ssed-off sentient dinosaurs, alien critters who feed off body-horror, prehistoric bears with a grudge, interdimensional corsair slavers, wild west madmen bent on refighting the civil war, genius scientists who completely lack common sense, parallel versions of themselves who cheat at cards...even ex-wives they may or may not still be hung up on. Their job is to face them all and bring the egg-heads home safe, and they're among the few who might actually be able to do it. The multiverse may be a dangerous place, but these are dangerous men...

    THE BOYS OF THE BREACH, available of Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimited!

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