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  1. MG Schoombee

    Author Interview

    Check out my interview with Jackson Baer... http://wp.me/p8SDUS-64
  2. J

    Looking for the name of a book on a samurai girl.

    I would be very appreciative of someone knew the name of this book. In the book, girls have been forbidden to become samurai (or at least it was something like samurai) for about 500 years. There is a girl who I believe was orphaned and went under cover as a boy to learn the art. To pass a test...
  3. AnnikaRay

    Help! Can't remember name of book series about Najarian Dragons

    A few years back I was reading a series of books about a young man who grew up by the sea. He noticed as he reached adulthood that his skin would become scaly and his nails would harden and become incredibly sharp. It was revealed to him that his mother was taken as a lover by a king, of the...