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Help! Can't remember name of book series about Najarian Dragons


New Member
A few years back I was reading a series of books about a young man who grew up by the sea. He noticed as he reached adulthood that his skin would become scaly and his nails would harden and become incredibly sharp. It was revealed to him that his mother was taken as a lover by a king, of the Najarian bloodline who turned out to be dragon kings i.e. they could transform into dragons and that is how they maintained their rule through wars. As he goes onto his quest to discover the truth about himself more aspects of the story evolve and there is a love plot as well as war. Further on in the series he meets other dragons, Araziel and Zahariel (I think) who help put more pieces of the story together. The very last book I read ended with his love interest promising a witch their first born child and then the main character and his love interest consummating their relationship.

Please help if you recognize this story line! there were at least 2 books in this series!!!