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  1. D

    Stained Glass Jaws- Boxing drama!

    New release! STAINED GLASS JAWS, now available for pre-order. Available for purchase November 1st. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BH1KPGN6 Tye Gallagher is a man on the road to fame and fortune. Born in the ghetto, he’s found a path to success through boxing. Blessed with an iron chin and...
  2. Author - Brad Jensen

    THE REZ's EDGE - Destruction & Redemption

    It's late at night and Dakota's father, Gordon, is driving them home down a lonesome highway. It's 1975, two years after the takeover and occupation of the village of Wounded Knee by the American Indian Movement (AIM) and a militant population of 300 Indians. Headlights pop over a hill...
  3. PomTopTaiga

    Looking for a book like the ghost bride!!! Help!!

    Hey! i just finished the ghost bride and i loved it! i also love the books by Lisa See. I'm looking for similar books to these next i plan to read the red chamber but i need more for my collection! I like any books that have to do with china before the 1900's Thank You so much!!!! - PTP
  4. B

    The Rexwood Murders

    Hello all. I have finally published my book. It's called The Rexwood Murders. The first novel of the new series "The Rexwood Murders" A devastating event fifteen years ago will catch up with the present and will affect eight teenagers' lives forever. Brandon Jones hates Halloween and wishes it...