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  1. X

    A Thousand and One Phrases to Use on Socials - Free Book Promotion

    Waht's up beautiful people from this forum, for promotional reasons I'm here gifting free copies of the digital version of this book on Amazon "A Thousand and One Phrases to Use on Socials" An interesting compilation that includes philosophical, funny, romantic, emotional, motivational, ironic...
  2. M


    https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/black-rose-49 These type of occurrence's takes place in urban black cities of America in the realistic world we live in. Growing up in a tough urban area, black rose lived the typical normal life surrounded by loving parents, family, and friends. A mother's...
  3. R

    SECRET OF THE MARAUDER SATELLITE by Ted White, from ReAnimus Press

    New from ReAnimus Press: SECRET OF THE MARAUDER SATELLITE by Ted White http://ReAnimus.com/1587?s=s6 (available in both ebook and paperback [$11.99, 194 pages]) As a newly minted graduate of space school, Paul lands space station duty and is given the tricky and dangerous assignment...
  4. M

    Check out one of my crime thrillers for a limited time price of only $0.99!

    Check out one of my crime thrillers for a limited time price of only $0.99! They are located at https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B071KGMTLD. If you purchase one of them and enjoy reading it, then I’d like to ask you for a favor. Would you be kind enough to leave a review for the book on Amazon? It’d...
  5. YesSir

    Speed Reading - Simple Reading Techniques (Fresh on the Kindle Store)

    Are you interested in learning how to speed read? You are about to embark on a journey to discovering proven, yet simple reading techniques that will drastically increase your reading speed! Say goodbye to wasting precious time reading written information slowly, and say hello to speedily...
  6. A


    Hello My Brothers and My Sisters Here My newest Kindle Book from me Its all has published at amazon kindle store The Kindle Book are: 1. Book about History and Adventure Story The Story of Ken Arok: Javanese Greatest King https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JDKL3EY 2. Book about Law Concept and...
  7. N

    Self-help book suggestions?

    Hey everyone! I'm new here... I was wondering if you had any eBook suggestions? I'm open to all genres! I'm currently reading NOW by Sultan Ahmed, it's a self-help eBook. Has anyone read it?
  8. Avril Herbert

    Hi everyone, just joined

    Hello everyone, my name is Avril I have just joined and wanted to introduce myself. I have published my first ebook "The Life of an Akita-Chow Mix" if any ebook authors have any advice I would be very grateful, thank you
  9. P

    My latest relaese "Signature Walk: When striding the globe was just not enough". http://www.amazon.

    My books are varied genres. I have works around the globe from kids stuff to adult. At least one title has been adapted to TV format. This screwball fashionable chase around fashion capitals is to be reviewed for film by Sandra Bullock. Stop by and check out a few chapters on Amazon worldwide.
  10. C

    Fury's Hand: epic fantasy

    Hi! I would like to inform you that my book, Fury's Hand, is free from the 4th (today woohoo!) to the 6th! The best way to sum it up is that Fury, the Grand Master of a church, must stop a coalition of power hungry lords from slaughtering a race of docile golems. He's joined by the richest man...