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  1. Samantha Cole

    Self-published author - New to the site!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Samantha Cole and I am the author of the indie series Trident Security, a series of stand alone romantic suspense stories with recurring characters. So far there are four books and one novella and they are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Book 1 - Leather &...
  2. P

    Book suggestion

    Good afternoon, I want to offer a novel book my girlfriend and that history is like a girl who has passed very many relationships with many people and finds a young man by which falls in love and that is not at all what she already had. for example a girl who already had a lot of people and then...
  3. PomTopTaiga

    Looking for a book like the ghost bride!!! Help!!

    Hey! i just finished the ghost bride and i loved it! i also love the books by Lisa See. I'm looking for similar books to these next i plan to read the red chamber but i need more for my collection! I like any books that have to do with china before the 1900's Thank You so much!!!! - PTP