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  1. D

    The Boys of the Breach - Multiverse military scifi adventures!

    New release! THE BOYS OF THE BREACH, now available for sale: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08783F4CK Easton Keller and Breck Everett wanted nothing more than to serve their country. But when budget cuts cause them to be 'prematurely retired' from the Special Forces, these two warriors find...
  2. D

    Tales of the Far Wanderers- Pulp adventures in a medival, dystopian future!

    Now available for pre-order: To Gunnar of the Tarn life is wandering. A half-breed with no home to return to, he has escaped the endless wars of his father’s people to drift through the vastness of a land once known as North America. Slow to trust and swift with a sword, he had resigned himself...
  3. B

    9 New Must Read Fantasy Books of 2017

    I recently created a blog article about the 9 new must read fantasy books of 2017. Feel free to check this list as I think that this can help you decide on what to read next. Here’s the link: https://pinn.cl/9newfantasybooks2017 Here’s also a sneak peek of the books included: 1. A...
  4. Anthony Di

    A great review on Leckie's 'Ancillary Justice'

    It is not about exploring a universe, but being educated into one.... Amazing cool book! check out https://omni.media/reviewing-ann-leckie-s-ancillary-justice
  5. Howard L. Braden

    Author of Ammara, an inspirational adventure novel

    Hi! I am a foreign author with this pen name and with a professionally translated inspirational novel published in e-book. For the promotion from this far country, Hungary, is proved to be too hard, I am here to publicize my book and to search for contacts. Feel free (with my permission) to...
  6. Richard GK Stark

    Urban Horror Vols 1-3

    My name's Richard GK Stark and I'm an author, to date of Urban Horror short stories. Contemporary tales that are original and incisive. Sorry but NO hordes of zombies, romantic vampires or excessive amount of gore here but original stories based on everyday characters and events given a...
  7. CorinneA

    Publishing Contest

    Ink-Smith Publishing is running a contest, top three novels submitted in the categories of Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy receive a three year contract and publishing package! Deadline is November 1, with only a $25 entry fee. Check out the rules and how to submit below...