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  1. MK Mancuso

    Intro: Library Mouse here!

    Hey all! Bit about me, I go by my pen name (MK Mancuso) among other readers/authors so please refer to me as: MK :) I went to school for script writing (tv, film, and theater) with a minor in creative writing I work in graphic design for social media for a PR company and book covers for a...
  2. Farrah Young

    Hey Guys

    Hi, I'm Farrah. I'm so glad to have finally found a forum to mix with other writers. Looking to make friends here.
  3. Guy Lozier

    I need advice on my writing...

    In the past I have not asked for help with my writing styles as I liked my writing style and did not desire to hear any disparity of my work. Today I have grown understanding of other's views and so now desire some input as to how well I have done. Here is a small bit from my book 'Menazia...
  4. Khaled Talib

    On writing fiction...

    Some days you get lazy; you want to skip describing the scene. But then you realize you mustn't cheat. You have to show, not tell.
  5. Adrian Ferrer


    Hi, folks. I`m Adrian, and I just joined the forums. Hope to interact with you soon.