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A story that makes you thrills and exciting entitled "Storms"


New Member
Suspense is not all about horror; sometimes it is about the events that usually play on the reader's feelings. And one of the best suspense books that give thrills and utter excitement is the book entitled "Storms," by Maria Fernandez Snitzer, a book about surviving and fighting not just for life but also to save what they have.

It was said that the most important thing in the world is family and love, so losing one truly hurts. In the story, Elise didn’t want to hear another minute of forecasts, preparations, and predictions about the storm that was about to hit their city. As they drove through the rain on a surprisingly deserted road, they witnessed the frightening scene happening outside. She is thankful that it didn’t happen to them; however, the storm that was currently destroying their surroundings was not the actual storm that will make her feel human. There's a bigger hurricane that will destroy her and the people around her. Take it from the best suspense book, "Storms," by Maria Fernandez Snitzer.