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about Zhao Ziyang Captive Conversations

Discussion in 'Book Search & Suggestions' started by larryshi, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. larryshi

    larryshi New Member

    Dec 27, 2008
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    There days I am looking for a book, if there have some foreign friends or HongKong,Republic of China Taiwan friends, Would you help me to find the book. The book's Chinese name may be named ZHAO ZI YANG RUAN JIN ZHONG DE TAN HUA (and the English may be "Zhao Ziyang Captive Conversations" ISBN:9627934216). The book's author is ZhaoZiYang's old friend ZongFengMing. The book is published recently just only in HongKong and forbited the Island of China. I am very much want to read this book, but I can't find the book in China's bookstore, and I also can't buy the book on INTERNET. So I want some help from foreign friends.Would you help me? If you have some information for this book,could you send these for me by email. My email is :


    If the website can download the book, I want to know that site. It's difficult to buy the book, so I think that if you tell me how to

    buy the book,would you tell me that?

    Thanks very much!

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