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alright let's do this.

Alrighty. I've fixed Stewart's picture for him. It didn't look like he was coming back here to do it himself, and it was a tad excecssive. Besides, it looks a lot cuter small. The huge picture was blurry and smacked of taking pictures whilst intoxicated.
Litany is a yarn perv.

That's why she tells dirty stories. Those are 'yarns'.

But the act of crocheting is painful. And knitting is very very difficult indeed. Plus the product is not really what you want, is it? I'm more of a moire silk type person. Taffeta. Velveteen shoes. That sort of thing.
I don't think I'm so much a yarn perv as a fibre slut. Though I did spend this morning spinning a yarn. Red merino. Very saucy.