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  • Get in line. Once I show this to Becca and Abby, they'll want one too. Of course, I'll have to learn to do those ripples and make that flowery square. I can count; really I can, but ripples escape me. I find it very humbling.
    Check this out: Groovyghan You'll either love it or it'll burn out your eyeballs. I kinda like it..
    Hi Litany, thanks for the link but it couldn't come up with what I'm looking for for my book. I need to find out how a person makes an e-mail they wrote look like it came from someone elses computer.
    Hey Litany,
    unless your name is "teach" on goodread someone is shamelessly using your much revered avatar.
    > Are you going to start singing the song from the Golden Girls?

    :lol: . I liked your style. Actually, your avatar is what made me to ask for a friendship and now your style seems just... very... impressive to me :)
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