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Amy Tan


New Member
I went through the list of author but I couldn't find Amy Tan but to me seems strange since every knows about her book the Joy Luck Club. I really like reading her books since I as a asian person feel a connection towards the characters. My favourite of all time is the Kitchen's God Wife.
I don't like her. All her books, the ones I've read anyway, are the same. A Chinese woman married to an American man finds out her mother had a secret life, blah blah blah. It was cute and touching in the first book I've read, but the others seemed to go the same way.
All her books, the ones I've read anyway, are the same.
There is a lot of similarity. That said, I enjoyed The Bonesetter's Daughter because of the mother-daughter conflict and the picture of the mother declining mentally in old age. The ending was unrealistic, however.
I love The Joy Luck Club, but I think The Kitchen God's Wife is my favorite of all her books. I've never been able to make it through A Hundred Secret Senses, and I didn't care for the 2nd half of her latest.
I really like Amy Tans work. There is a very real depth to her characters, especially her female characters.