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Anyone else heavy reader of tech manuals - IT or otherwise...


Active Member
So, I've found myself in a position the last week or so where I'm reading few a couple of heavy tomes in the field of IT (web development specifically).

I find that when I am reading these texts that I don't read as much fiction as I'd like. It's like I either feel guilty reading fictional books (as I think I should be studying rather than reading for fun) or else I just feel burned out of reading after spending a couple of hours pouring over techie texts. I was worst when studying for my CCNA a few years ago... I'd just read only those and related books on the train to work and at home before bed, my normal reading time. I went through a phase of going from 1-2 novels a week to just 1-2 novels a month back then...

Anyone else reading techie manuals/texts find they go through similar?
Technical manuals and technical reports are always a chore for me to get through even if it is pleasure reading.
I like to try to fix things without reading the manual. Just shooting in the dark. Then, when I fail, I pay to replace them. I see this as money well spent, because I'd much rather pay it than read technical manuals.
I no longer read IT technical manuals, and when I do it's purely for pleasure, and i don't feel like i'm being bogged by it.
I read quite a few and although it's mostly interesting they do seem to have an impressive ability to drain my urge to read. Of course reading tech books is very different from reading fiction. One I read to learn something and the other just to relax and enjoy a good story.
Over the years, technology has taken great strides forward, leaving me technologically challenged:(. Read hi tech stuff? I'll be satisfied if I am able to operate ( not understand ) the functions in my son's cell phone.