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Anyone Read any Good Mid-Grade?

Edward G.

I'm always on the lookout for a new and good middle grade novel. I writer literary reviews, so if anyone knows of any title that should be reviewed, please let me know.

Big Mike

New Member
Goofiest story ever on kindle. Aussie animals on a road trip to join the crew of a submarine. War and peace this was not, but lots of chuckles and good illustrations. Parental advisory: contains a running wombat fart joke. "Yamba's Army" by Uncle Hamster. Looks self-published but fairly polished, and couldn't find anything else he wrote.

Big Mike

New Member
Lillie, "Rangers Apprentice" series by John Flanagan. Characters age out into YA action later on in the series (like Harry Potter) but the first four or five certainly captured my kids - hook, line and sinker. Not something a reviewer is looking for, they've sold a gazillion copies already. But if you have a bored 11 (ish) year old its quality stuff.