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April 2014: Italo Calvino: If on a Winter's Night a Traveler

I'll be there, come April. Should be able to find it on the shelf and reread it by then.
I'm really enjoying this novel and maybe that's because it's a book about reading which is a theme I think many forumites on here can relate to.
People might want to look at a thread we had way back in 2005 --> If On A Winter's Night a Traveler

It pre-dates most of the current members, so could be of some interest. I loved this book and it's one of the few I'd like to re-visit.
I finished the book during the flight back home and it left an odd impression.

Is The Reader the main character or a cipher? Italo deliberately doesn't give a name or occupation and through the narrative we the readers are identified with 'The Reader'.

The problem with this approach as I see it is 'The Reader' is male. Sure we have 'The Other Reader' but she has a name and backstory and so is separate and distinct as a character.

In my view then Italo pulls a neat trick but it's limited to the male part of the audience.