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Ardor by xxxheartlandxxx


New Member
I've been looking for the complete book of this. I looked on amazon but it is unavailable. Anyone know where I can find it completed and published? I asked the writer but they don't have it in book forum. they said they had problem with the publisher and can't get the book anymore.

Screenshot 2022-05-20 at 15-43-32 Ardor - Free Novelette by xxxheartlandxxx.png


*Being published* Amber Montoya is a Lycan. When she returns home she finds her people are put in danger and she must face her past with two Alphas. Amber Montoya is a Lycan. She's stronger and faster than your average werewolf and as one of the few female Lycans left in the world she is valuable. But when her people are put in danger she must return to her home and defend her title and her people. But it isn't as easy as it sounds, not when enemies are coming from every direction and she has to confront her past with two enticing Alphas.