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BAR Photo Challenge July 2011 - Your Environs


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"The Rules"

1. Theme gets announced the first or second of the month. The theme can be anything such as an object (churches), genre (landscape), color (red), emotion (love), etc. When it is your turn to pick a theme, be creative!

2. Photos posted must be related to the theme. If you have to spend more than one sentence explaining how it is related, then it probably isn't related.

3. Pics must be posted before the end of the month.

4. Up to three pics can be entered. Post the images in this thread.

5. Any camera can be used including cell phone cameras. Feel free to give photo details and info about the subject if you wish.

6. Cropping is OK, Photoshop is not.

7. The person who picks the theme also names the person to come up with the next theme. And so on.

8. You need to have participated in the previous month's challenge to be eligible for picking a theme.

9. Have fun!

July's theme 'Your Environs'
You did a screenshot instead of posting the jpg? Interesting. I'd like to see the jpg/png without the distracting stuff. I loves me some corn.
Thanks, Occilith. :)

Gilgamesh, a great photo, but one that leaves me decidely envious of your healthy looking corn. My attempts in the past to grow corn hasn't been a successful exercise.

Like, sparkchaser, I would also like to see the photo without all the 'distracting stuff'.

I need to get my camera snapping!
My workplace: I'm a critical care nurse in an ICU. The photo: The medication and drip lines of a critical patient on a ventilator with our Intubation trolley in the background.

The view of my backyard at sunset from my back deck(patio).
Splendid, Gilgamesh! So much easy to get a view of all that sumptuous corn without all the distracting stuff. :)

And, thank you, the front yard view is even better. :)
@ Fate - gorgeous, amazing view. Reminds me of when I used to live in Texas, some of the sunsets were similarly breathtaking. I remember almost crashing my car a few times checking them out on the way home.

@ Gilgamesh - cool yard. I would be worried about creatures lurking in those corn rows though.
Grand photos, Polly. I love 'em! The way the structure of the bridge gives the photos such perspective and draws the viewer in is wonderful. :)