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Bernard Cornwell: Agincourt


New Member
I am just about finished reading this one. I've never read any of Bernard Cornwell's books before, but I definitely will be reading more. Has anyone read Agincourt? What did you think about it? Overall I thought it was good. I enjoy reading about archers in the middle ages....Only small complaint is that the battle/fighting sequences are quite long and very detailed.
If you like Cornwell books about archers then I think you would enjoy Harlequin. It is story of archer and has a lot of information about longbows and archery techniques.
If you plan on reading Cornwell, pick a series and start with the first book. I started w/ "The Warlord Chronicles" from the library.

"The Saxon Tales" is my personal favorite.Sword Song, from the above post is book #5, very good tale, but you will benefit greatly by starting w/"The Last Kingdom", which is the first in this series.

"Agincourt" is a brand new series and I'm looking forward to book #2.

I could go on since I'm addicted to Cornwell, but William Dietrich is also very good. You should check out "Hadrians Wall". Great story set in old Britain.

Hope this was helpful......
Yeah thanks for the recommendations! I actually thought Agincourt was a "stand alone" novel, I didn't know it was going to be a series. It will be interesting to see what Nicholas Hook is up to next...I'm 3/4 through "The Archer's Tale" and liking it pretty well, but I think I liked Nick Hook better as a character than Thomas of Hookton...Have you noticed Cornwell likes to incorporate "hook" in alot of names, I wonder if it has something to do with Hooke's Law and the bow etc..?
Do not know about the hookes law, but there are some repetitions of names in the "Warlord" & "Saxon" series.

When Agincourt first came out, I read that Cornwell was starting a new series, so I assumed that meant Agincourt. I could be wrong, Stonehenge was stand alone.
I read agincourt last month- great book! Since then I've read
two more Cornwell books- the fort and stonehenge- I liked both
very much. See my reviews of these two on ( ricksreviews.blogspot.com )
Can this man describe death by combat or what?
)Can this man describe death by combat or what?

Yes. Yes he can. I got addicted to a few of his series. He tells a great story, provides some insights into the times he's describing, and yeah, he does the whole massive, bloody medieval combat thing better than just about anyone.
I'm reluctant to read any of his long series because I will not be
able to read anybody else for atleast two years. Once you read
Cornwell - you are hooked. I guess I'm going to hook my son now,
because I just bought him " The Warlord Chronicles ", but thankfully
it's only three books.
I'm reading this book at the moment. I'm not very far into it, only a little over 50 pages, so I can't make a great assessment of it at present. But I do like the focus on an archer character.
Just was pleasantly surprised to see a new "Saxon Tales" novel by Cornwell. Bought it immediately. Rubbing my hands together in anticipation....
Guess I forgot to post my thoughts on Agincourt when I finished it. I liked the details and descriptions of combat. I appreciate Cornwell's ability to craft a good story. However, I could have cared less about the main character and did we really need all that time devoted to mentioning their rampant diseases?

I did like Sir John though. He reminded me of the actor in the Sharpe series that played Sir Henry for some reason.
I read Agincourt and compared to the Saxon Tales and the Archer Tales series by Cornwell, I sort of felt that it was a dud. There are much better places to start with Bernard Cornell.