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  • Cheers, Thomas. I'm on it. Possibly looks as thought there may be a problem with my bank account. Hmmm!
    Seriously, man. The last 120 pages of Raw Shark? Jaws. As in, the entire last third of Jaws (the movie, not the novel), scene by scene, often with the exact same dialogue... and the characters are aware of it and reference Jaws and yet make the exact same mistakes. Utterly fucking FAIL. You were smart to put the book down early.
    I remember my grandmother telling me stories of the German occupation in Greece in the 1940's and the political issues through the years and this is what the book deals with.Fakinos fled Greece with this book already started,I don't think it has been published in Greece,it would be interesting to know.Oh yes,the beautiful serene sea and the olive trees and I gave it up to come to Canada.:lol:
    Hey Thomas,I just recieved The Marked Men -Aris Fakinos with a stamp in the front that says "Banned in Greece" From the review I read in the inside flap,it looks interesting,only 250 pages.I will let you know if it's any good when I am done with it.
    Hey Thomas,

    sorry about the delay in answering, but I've had a half-written review of Kehlmann for ages... finally wrote it up and posted it. Enjoy. :)
    I loved Pandora but would have loved it more if it had been cut in two.But gods willing and granting me a long life,i should be delighted to know the result of the invasion...
    Thanks for the post
    Hey saliotthomas. Did you read the sequel to Pandora's Star yet? It's called Judas Unchained. It's about a 1000 pages so I am finding reasons to read other books so far.
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