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Bernard Cornwell: Death of Kings


Active Member
Death of Kings - Bernard Cornwell :star4:
Uhtred of Bebbanburg returns in the sixth installment of the Saxon Tales for his usual purposes of insulting priests, stealing the wives of other lords, belittling his rivals and utterly destroying the Danish enemies of King Alfred The Great's Wessex.
At 45 years old, Uhtred is still a force to be reckoned with in combat and his mind is as cunning as ever. As usual, he manages to outwit and outmanouver his enemies within the kingdom of Wessex, as well as the everpresent Danish lords looking to seize the opportunity of Alfred's death to wipe the Saxons from the face of the earth.
Uhtred remains an interesting character. A saxon raised by Danes, a pagan sworn to defend Saxon Christendom, a ferocious warrior and superb general who is treated with disdain and open hatred by the men he fights for, etc.
Like the rest of the series, Death of Kings benefits from Cornwell's ability to move the story along and his masterful descriptions of life and death on the battlefield in the sheild-wall. A quick and enjoyable read.