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Bertolt Brecht: The Good Person Of Szechuan


New Member
I just finished reading "Bertolt Brecht: Der gute Mensch von Sezuan (The good person of Sezchuan)", which was a very interesting read. Three gods looking for one good person in the world, who doesn't live in an inhumane way. They seem to find this person in the prostitute Shen Te, but how long will she be able to meet their requirements without being torn apart?

Brecht was very interested in Marxism and this clearly shows in this play: One can't be good in a world, where you have to be selfish to survive.
He also works well with the audience, in the epilogue an actor comes to the stage to address the audience directly, asking the people to think for themselves. Brecht wanted to move something with his form of theatre and so the language is very simple, so that everybody could understand it.

I think, that this play is very thought provoking, although the epic form (I'm not sure if this term is used in English, too.. ) of theatre doesn't work as well for me as the classical form. The reader/viewer is kept at distance to view everything from outside and judge it so it is hard for me to identify with the characters.