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Best Book of 2019 - Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang


Well-Known Member
If that title seems a bit premature, it may possibly be.
But on the other hand I have just finished a collection of short stories that has blown me away, and I find it hard to believe that I'll find a better read in the remainder of the year.

Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang is different, in almost any way you might define different. Each story is what I would call a realistic fantasy. Some are heavier on the "sci" part of sci-fi, some on the "fi" part. Some are rooted in absolute family reality, some are absolute fantasy (as when aliens arrive). Most are a definite challenge, and some are very difficult going. But if it is new and different you are looking for, then Ted Chiang is definitely worth a try.

And he has a new one coming out.

Hope you enjoy the reading adventure.