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Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love


New Member
I recently read the reviews of this homoerotic graphic comic. I think it was published in 2009. The plot revolves around a Black pirate named Wade and his crew and their hostage engaged British captaion Jack. Jack is sexually assaulted by Wade, but later discovers he has surpressed gay desires and they engage in a torrid affair on the ship. When Jack returns to England after being released by Wade. He realizes he cannot keep up the charade he is straight and ends his engagement. He later rescues Wade from the British Navy that captured him, and also raped the pirate. They escape to an island to live a forbidden life. I have never read the book, it sounds interesting. The themes of racial intolerance , class relations, and homosexuality in 1800's Europe is interesting.
Who knows if the book is accurate. I know homosexuality was common amoung pirates in those days. Since there were not any women on the ship, they had to have a sexual release with someone. It is possible both genders were sexually assaulted by pirates when held as prisoners. It is possible Wade had sex with the captain as a form of rebellion against the cruel policies of the Empire. He didn't expect to develop feelings for him. I'm sure in RL, a prominent member of British society would not cast everything to the wind to engage in forbidden love with a pirate. I'm sure he would have fond memories, but still marry and live a traditional life. Maybe. Of course, I'm sure Jack never dreamed he would someday like being "stuffed" by a handsome pirate either. He was engaged and had a promotion in the British army before his world changed forever.
Wanting to get an idea of the artwork, I googled. Who knew pirates were so...built....and smooth...
Funny comments. If anyone has not read the book like me, I like some m/m fiction and this one looks interesting. It might be in a library somewhere. Otherwise there is a website that showcases various parts of the story. Many scenes are explicit, ranging from PG-17 to X rated. The first time Wade violently rapes a tied up Wade is shown in graphic detail. The look of shock and anger on Jack's face as Wade forces his "sword" in him is sad .! It's like OMG this bastard is having "his way " with me and I can't stop him! He does call for help in vain before Wade goes to the point of no return, but the other two pirates just watch the rape like it's a 18th century gay porno. One jealous pirate who desires Wade and hates Jack since Wade is besotted with him once he "touches" the handsome captain and dosen't give Marak the time of day punches the wall as Wade's moans of pleasure as he rides Jack echo throughtout the ship. Poor Jack. He loses his virginity a second time. Despite that, the artwork is beautiful and historically accurate.

Since the site has hardcore sex scenes, I don't want to post it here since minors and those who object to such scenes might see it. I like being respectful. E-mail me at emilyb09@live.com for more info.
Well... all jolly rogering references aside, from what you've written it appears that there's already reviews of this graphic novel in another website, hopefully there's comments from other contributors that will give you a more rounded idea of it's content.

If you decide to read it post your own review, no point deciding it's any good before you've read it.
Sorry if I gave too much detail, but I found the whole story on a Tumblr website, let me know if anyone wants the link. The artwork alone is gorgeous. I like period books of any genre. I think I'm interested now in graphic comics of differernt genres. I will check them out . There are many review sites for the book. Goodreads and Amazon are pretty good.