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Bonjour Mes Amis---Hello, My Friends!

Drizzt Do'Urden

New Member
That's right, I'm back! Finally, took a few of my Vacation days from work (Yes I know it's only April). Thing is, I quit my old job and now have a new job as a Cemistry Proffeseur of Atlantic Canada's Top University! So i get the summer off! And not only work has been going on in my life. My wife, Holly, is pregnant! We already know it's going to be a girl! 8 months until she's born! We've already planned that 1 isn't enough xD. We each have agreed on four children. Now she wants all girlsd, that I'm not sure about! That's basically all that's happened!

I hope you're all GREAT!


Active Member
Good to have you back, man-with-the-inexplicable-name!

Congratulations to both you and Mrs. Inexplicable-name - four kids, eh? Whoa.

Come around more often.



New Member
no, they'd be so god-like smart their brains wouldn't have the capacity to hold all that information, and so they'd collapse in on themselves.


New Member
hello me ol' trout, (feeble attempt at speaking newfanese, our boarder from cbs has left and so i am on my own trying to maintain the accent, i fail miserably)
congratulations to you and your wife.